Keys to Victory Pens vs Caps

1.  Crosby?

I am assuming that he will play, so he will be a major up on the lineup. The power play will be important because of the type of game that this is.  He will help the play of Sheary (if playing) and the rookie Guentzel as usual on the top line. It will help that he is on a line with Guentzel for these next reasons.

2.  Keep Guentzel Hot

Did you know that the only other people than Jake Guentzel to score more than 9 goals in their first 8 playoff games are Rocket Richard, Mario and the Great One. He has played most of those 8 games with Sidney Crosby. We all hope he can keep it up to clinch it tonight.      


Happy Anniversary JSG


My anniversary of the day I started this blog was this Monday. I have been excited about my recent return to blogging and I hope to keep up the good work that I have established in the first year. I love doing this and I hope to do it for a long time. These are the stats of the first year of blogging.

1,184 views on the posts

94 posts published on my site

157 likes on posts

164 comments on posts

Thank you for all the support as I go through my blogging career. Keep up the good work me!

Its back for real!!

All this blog vacay got me thinking, when in the world am I going to come back! I loved doing this and there is so much going on, so I decided, lets come back and do some more. I am exited for the Pens this year in the playoffs and I will be following the Stanley Cup playoffs. Baseball season is coming around as well and I think the Pirates have a shot this year. But the main reason is that I have nobody to share my thoughts about sports with, so this is basically the only place that I can share my thoughts with and I love doing that. so the message is the blog is back until October, that is my plan. I hope I can get some good posts and wins from my sports teams!!

Steelers Gameday Preview

Everybody remembers the day in 2005 when we had a rookie quarterback named Ben Roethlisberger. we lost the AFC Championship game to the Patriots. this year, we have a great team and I thin we will pass through New England and get to Houston if we can do these things. if the Steelers make the running game a thing that they can do well in the opening stages then I think they will have a shot at winning. When they get more than 100 yards rushing overall the team is 10-1. if they get lower than 60, they are 1-3. DeMarcus Ware was on the NFL Network this morning and he said, ” If you can put pressure on Tom Brady, he can make some mistakes and you can capitalize on those mistakes and score”. the Steelers need to have a balanced offense and not only throw to Brown or run with Bell all the time because eventually, the Patriots defense will perk up and not allow those throws or long runs anymore. The game is on at 6:40 and make sure you cheer for your city!!

Top 10 Steeler games: Wild Animals #10

The Steelers had barely gotten into the playoffs. They had gotten in after the Bills beat the Jets, and now they were off to Cincinnati. With 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter the Steelers got a pick off quarterback AJ McCarron and took it back to the Bengals 40. If you were a Bengals fan, you likely remembered the game in 2006 in Cincinnati [I have another post about that if you did not see it]. On that drive, the Steelers got a field goal to take the lead. Then kicker Chris Boswell tacked on 3 more to up the halftime lead to 6-0. The Bengals took over and McCarron fumbled on the possession and Cam Thomas picked it up and the Steelers had the ball. Kicker Boswell would add another 3. A 60 yard catch by Antonio Brown put the Steelers into the red zone. Later on that drive, Big Ben capped it off with a 10 yard score to Martavis Bryant. 15 to zip, then on the next possession of the Bengals, Gio Bernard caught a ball on third and 9, then coming in with a hard hit is Ryan Shazier and Bernard did not get up. He would leave the game with a concussion and Jermy Hill was ticked about the hit and things got crappy. Then it happened, Vontaze Burfict sacked Ben and he went to the sideline for a while. This was the killer you were thinking, they will score and win this game, We. Are. Doomed. Then the Bengals scored after a pass interference call and made the game 15-7. Landry Jones was the Steelers QB until Ben returned, which was possible at the time. The Bengals tacked on a field goal to put the pressure on real good. With the ball again, the Bengals threw the ball to AJ Green who got the ball in the end zone to make it 15-16, they failed on the two point conversion. The Steelers got the ball and Landry Jones threw a pick, you thought this was the closer. You were packing up your stuff at the stadium as a Steelers fan until seeing Jermy Hill fumble the ball with 1:31 to go. Ben Roethlisberger walked onto the field and facing 4th and 3 he found Antonio Brown and kept the drive alive. Then the biggest play of the game, a throw to Brown was incomplete but was hit late and a flag was thrown for a 15 yard personnel foul and then Joey Porter got into it and an official was pushed by Adam “Pac Man” Jones which was another 15 yards and the next thing you know, Chris Boswell is kicking the game winning 35 yard field goal good and sending the Steelers to Denver where they would lose the following week. Wow.         

NFL Rookie of the year


The NFL has had a good year for rookies. Some teams had those rookies that were high draft picks and they contributed very well. Others had picks that were not terrific, but helped them. Options are…

Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys

Deion Jones Atlanta Falcons

Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles

Artie Burns Pittsburgh Steelers

My first vote goes to Deion Jones, while everybody is talking about Dak and Zeke in Dallas nobody gives Deion Jones credit. He was maybe the top player on the underrated Atlanta defense and helped them with coverage. I also liked how Artie Burns played this year, my next vote will likely go to him.    

NFL runner of the Year


This is for the best running back of 2016. All these posts for these best type of player of the year have to have no more comments for voting after Super Bowl Sunday. Choices are:

Jay Ajaji Miami Dolphins

Lev’eon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers

David Johnson Arizona Cardinals

  Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys

So far the score in the Clutch Player of the Year is only two votes and the votes were for Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford. In the passer of the year post, the score is 3 for Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers and 1 for Drew Brees and Tom Brady. My other 4 votes for those posts will be for you on the post when you view it in the comments.

Capuano fired as coach


This morning, the 17-17-8 New York Islanders relieved head coach Jack Capuano of his duties. General Manager Garth Snow released this statement later today, “I think that everybody is very disappointed with what has happened this year, last year we made it to the playoffs and were a good team and this year we are at 500. I don’t think Jack is a guy we will be hiring again”. The teams interim head coach will be assistant general manager Doug Weight. Snow did not tell how long Weight will be coaching. The Islanders will practice on Wednesday and play the Dallas Stars at Barclays Center on Thursday. Snow was asked how much of the blame was to go to him he said, “100 percent”. Snow later said that he wishes Capuano the best wherever he ends up and to thank him for the effect that he has had on the organization. Maybe the new coach will do what Mike Sullivan did and take them to the big series, we will have to wait and see.       


NFL Passer of the year

This is the vote for the NFL’s best quarterback of the year. Deadline is Super Bowl Sunday.

Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

Drew Brees New Orleans Saints

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions

My vote will go to Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. Plus you can vote up to 5 times for the same player or a different one.

Keys to Victory Pens and Wings

  1. Ignore Noise

Noise at the Joe is not a problem when you are the home team. But as the away team, oh ask me it is intimidating and loud. So ignore that and you will be a lot better off in the game.

2. Get back to winning ways

If you can get a win in any game, it can give the whole team confidence and they can beat any team. Because confidence is stronger than any NHL team. you will probably need a good of great performance from your star players, the last few times the Pens have met the Wings, Kris Letang has had a good performance. Like on New Years Eve in 2015. Another good performance like that would be huge for the team.